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Missouri's Best 2018 Wedding Photo Booth

This summer has been a whirl-wind! We've been going from event to event, and now we are heading into our busiest wedding season yet! We are so excited!!

We wanted to share some amazing news that we received earlier this summer.

Our friends over at Missouri Magazine compiled a list of top businesses around Missouri in various categories for a chance to be voted the Best in Missouri! We were beyond ecstatic to find out that St. Louis Selfie Events had been nominated for Best Wedding Photo Booth, but we were truly blessed when we found out that we won!

We put all of our heart into our photo booth experiences, especially for weddings. We understand all the hard work, long nights, and anticipation that goes into planning a wedding. So we give all of our effort to make it the perfect photo booth for our brides, grooms, and their guests! That's why this award means everything to us!

What Makes Us Different

While attending a wedding show, an engaged woman and her friend came running towards our booth. They exclaimed to us, "we are SO happy we found you! You aren't a porta-potty photo booth!". We are happy to shout to the world that no, we are not a "porta-potty photo booth", instead we are open-air and can even adjust our camera height for your super tall groomsman, or down low for your grandpa who's now in a wheelchair. Plus with our open-air booth, we can accommodate more of your friends in a single shot! (Our record for most people in a picture so far is 18, unless your group can break it!)

Our photo booth experience is also completely customizable to our couples. We work alongside our couples to create a one-of-a-kind wedding photo booth that expresses who they are and what they like. There is nothing cookie cutter about it.

We present various different picture template formats to our couples, and let them choose whichever they like the best! Maybe they enjoy single photos, other couples like 2 or 3 shots, or maybe the classic film strip is their favorite. Whatever they select, we work with them to design a frame based off of their wedding, colors, and themes. It's always all about the couple!

Click through these real life examples to see what we mean!

We also use green screen technology! This means couples can have almost any background they can dream of. Our Selfie Booth can hold multiple green screens at once, so guests can come up to our machine, look at the options that our couples have chosen, and then select whichever one they would like to use for their photo! Couples can have beautiful options like sparkles, sunsets, or their wedding colors. Plus they can add fun options into the mix like the moon, a lion, their dog, or the Effie Tower. The options are up to your imagination!

Click on the above images to make them larger.

Couples can also choose other fun options like uploading to Facebook, or having filters. We have filters on filters on filters! There is Black & White, Sepia, Vintage, Cartoon, Sketch, Cross Process, Thermo, Night Vision, Comic Book, Pixel Art, Mosaic, Light Brite, Warhol, and Dave Hill!

Best of all, every wedding includes unlimited prints. We never cap our prints because we want every guest to be able to take home a fun keepsake from our couple's wedding. If 6 people come into our open-air booth and want to print a photo, then we will print out 6 copies. Guests also have the option to text and email their fun photo to themselves so their can share it on social media! Plus after our couple's wedding, we always Dropbox all of the images to them so they can see all the fun their guest's had at their reception!

We've felt so blessed by this past year and earning this amazing honor. We couldn't be more excited to head into this busy wedding season!

So if you're looking for a wedding photo booth that is going to treat you right, reach out to us! We love talking about weddings and we can't wait to hear about yours.

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