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Trade Show Results

We've talked about trade shows before and about the difficulty and frustration that often arises out of exhibiting. It's becoming increasingly difficult to attract attendees into a booth space, boost customer engagement, generate direct leads, and drive activity to your social media. Attendees are more cautious with their time and care more if you are giving away free stuff! Building ROI and simply attracting potential clients is often a murky proposition. However, trade shows are our expertise, we love trade shows! Now we want to share some of our data with you!

A few weeks ago we represented one of our clients at a trade show they were exhibiting at. Here are some details about the show: it was the first year this specific trade show appeared in this region, it has a time frame of 8 hours, with 2000 attendees. Our client's goal was to gain direct customer engagement, for the ability to instantly secure new business, and layer in real follow up lead potential. A boost to their social media and engagement was also an important factor.

Their wants and needs are something that we all desire from exhibiting at a trade show, right? What often gets lost is how to accomplish this task, and that's were we came in. We offered our client a new and exciting way to attract potential leads into their booth space with our Selfie platform. We provided automatic social media uploads of every picture into an album on their Facebook and to Twitter, in real time. Our equipment captured the data of every person who came in to take a selfie. Attendees then were able to text or email their photo, which was accompanied with a custom message from our client. We were also able to customize a digital frame that reflected our clients brand. All of this resulted in high attendee engagement on behalf of our client:

  • 250 photo leads taken

  • A selfie taken every 2 minutes

  • Multiple re-tweets and instant sharing of selfies

  • 122 direct scan leads generated by our team

  • Data gathered from our machine and scanned by our team resulted in 375 direct leads

Our team was not only able to attract new leads in our client's booth, but we were also able to secure more data for our client that resulted in direct leads, and a boost in engagement on their social media channels. Our team works together with our clients to build a targeted promotion and a trade show experience that meets their specific marketing goals. We are so much more than a Selfie Booth.

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