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Spotlight: Old Kinderhook Fam Tour

We had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Old Kinderhook Fam Tour presented by Missouri Meetings and Events. Old Kinderhook is on the banks of the Lake of the Ozarks and is a beautiful lodge-style golf resort with professional staff that will leave you feeling catered for in a boutique style atmosphere.

The Missouri Meetings and Events brought together a wide range of event planners to Old Kinderhook for a formularization event. Throughout the course of the two days, the event planners were shown the grounds, fed amazing specialty foods from Old Kinderhook’s own Chef Tom, stayed the night in the beautiful lodge, were educated about all that Old Kinderhook can do for events and shown how special their guests are to them. The Fam Tour highlighted the ice rink, spa, golf course, and was even topped off with a horse drawn carriage ride for the planners.

Selfie Events was invited by the Missouri Meetings and Events to showcase at the Old Kinderhook Fam Tour. Together with the Missouri Meetings and Events staff, we put together two shows for the event; one during cocktail hour and another the next morning during breakfast. Each show had two different green screen background options that the planners could choose from and a wide range of props. Survey questions were also administered on the Selfie machine. The planners had to answer the questions before they were able to receive their selfies. The information was then collected and presented to the Missouri Meetings and Events staff.

During the event, Selfie Events was able to talk one-on-one with each of the event planners while other planners were taking their selfies. We were able to have conversations about the capabilities of our selfie machines, how we excel in marketing with selfies, the entertainment aspect of the Selfie Booth, and about their events.

At the end of the tour we felt like we had gained new friends among the staff at Old Kinderhook, Missouri Meetings and Events, and the Event Planners. The Old Kinderhook Fam Tour was a special event for us and we highly recommend Old Kinderhook to any prospective event.

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