Is Your Brand the Next Big Thing?

We all know the beauty market is inundated with brands who think their product is the next big thing . The brand story (although important) is only one pillar in creating a successful beauty brand. Here are six important must-haves in the quest for brand success.

  • Products that work! Efficacy is key - with clinicals, tests and testimonials.

  • Point of difference. Why is your brand better than the brand next to you? Make sure you have unique selling point.

  • Distribution. Can people buy your product? If consumers can't find your product, you can't sell your product.

  • Perceived Value. Consumers want value for their money. Make sure they feel like your brand is worth the price.

  • Marketing Support. Don't die with your secret. Reach consumers where and when they are open to brand communications.

  • Clear and Interesting Brand Story/Message. Create an emotional connection with your consumer and make sure they understand the basics - what the product does, how it does it and most of all, why they need it!

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