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If you are looking for the one thing that can bring fun to a party, function or wedding, photo booths from Selfie Events will be a winner! You want to make sure that you host a memorable event that your guests will rave about and that they will share their experiences.


Our photo booths accommodate the fun social aspect that you want to bring to your event.  Everyone gets a souvenir that they can text, print or share to social media.  We will even add a custom border and props to commemorate your special event.  It's all about you!   


If you want to make sure your next event is a ‘hit’ with your guests, hire a photo booth from Selfie Events and earn endless praise for the fun, hilarity and memories from your event.


Our photo booths allow people to make an instant connection with your event’s experience. With photo booth hire, you can go above and beyond by creating an experience so special that your guests’ treasured moments can be shared among friends and colleagues across social media, as well as being revisited in the future as they reminisce on their experience. Hiring a photo booth is more than just taking pictures and selfies, it is capturing memorable moments.


We guarantee that your guests will:


  • Enjoy endless laughter and fun

  • Allow your guests to ‘break the ice’ easier, make new friends, and make lasting memories

  • Rave about your party


If you are looking for a professional service to deliver an experience that will surpass your guests’ expectations, get in touch with the team from Selfie Events today!


Selfie Events, St. Louis Selfie Photo Booth, Chicago Photo Booth, Wedding Photo Booth
Selfie Events, St. Louis Selfie Photo Booth, Chicago Photo Booth
Selfie Events, St. Louis Selfie Photo Booth, Chicago Photo Booth, Graduation Photo Booth

"Selfie Events is great! They customize their photo booth to fit your event. It's so much fun and they send the pictures right to your phone. I would definitely recommend Selfie Events for your next event!" - Kaitlyn R.


  • INSTANT Social Media Sharing

  • INSTANT High Quality Prints

  • Create a BUZZ for your event and entertain guests for hours.

Live Instant Social Media Feeds

INSTANT uploads to your guest’s personal Facebook page, Twitter, Phone and Email. Create a pre-determined narration to be populated on every text & email.

Print Your Images

Keep the memories going with convenient print options.

Video Messages, Animated Gif & Slow Motion

Enable video messaging so your guests can record toasts or messages.  Snap, snap, snap. We’ll take three pictures to animate, so your special day comes to life. Ever wish you had a slo-mo button when you’re having a great time?

Now, you do.

Photo Filters

Multiple filters ranging from basic Black & White, to various new cutting edge “Instagram like” filters.

Media Walls & Green Screen

Choose one of our backgrounds or we can create a background exclusively for your own themed event or image.

Custom Digital Frame

We will create a digital frame exclusively for your event to match your theme and image.

Selfie Events connects your brand, event or wedding with an experience that will be remembered long after your event concludes.

With our consultative approach we tailor the experience to you!  We consider your business objectives, corporate image or your weddings theme! 

Our proprietary 'open photo booth' and our WanderSelfie experiences provide enjoyment for guests and multiple opportunities for social sharing.

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