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Let us enhance your social media strategy at your next event or trade show!

Creating positive energy buzz that transfers from your corporate event or trade show to social media is our specialty. Our booths allow your guests to instantly share photos to social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and email for their friends and colleagues to see. All of the photos can be branded with your business’s logo, so your business will gain exposure and awareness.

Trade Shows

The reality is that companies need to be present at industry shows, however the costs are skyrocketing as the ROI is declining.  Prospective clients still have an expectation that trade shows are a valuable way to gain knowledge in the industry and search for better solutions, and so attendance is still strong.


Our clients who exhibit at industry events are searching for innovative ways to interact with customers, gain brand awareness, target marketing promotions, and turn interactions into leads. 


The goal at Selfie Events is to provide an interactive way for potential clients to stop in your booth and generate leads, opportunities, and customer meetings that don't just happen when attendees walk by and grab a freebie.

We have the ability to attract people into the booth for an entertaining reason, collect informational data, and create a conversation; thus providing your people with the potential first interaction.  Often it just takes one interaction to simply get a conversation to happen.


Focused on business opportunities.

There is a fine line between delivering a fun corporate event that is professional and one that is not. Your event needs to captivate, interest, and entice your guests to engage and share their experiences while allowing you to fulfill your business’s brand objectives.


Selfie Events can aid your business efforts with brand exposure, and can create positive impressions of your business, with our photo booth technology. Our photo booths allow your guests to take selfie pictures with props, so the pictures that are taken are creative, but allow guests to maintain their professionalism at the event or trade show. Not only do our booths take high-quality fun photos that your guests can share, but it will also allow your business to capture valuable contact information of your guests that you can use for future business opportunities.


Photo Booths are proven to bring fun, enjoyment, and hilarity to any corporate event or trade show, while maintaining professionalism and promoting your business’s brand. We guarantee that with our photo booths, you will become the talk of the town!

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Missouri Best 2018, Best Photo Booth, Missouri's Best Photo Booth
Missouri Best 2019, Best Photo Booth, Missouri's Best Photo Booth


Live Instant Social Media Feeds

INSTANT uploads to your guest’s personal Facebook page, Twitter, Phone and Email, plus your business Facebook page. Create a pre-determined narration to be populated on every text & email.

Analytics & Marketing

Our service goes beyond taking photos. We capture business insights, email addresses and various analytics from our custom surveys.

Increase Facebook Page "Likes"

Request users to “Like” your business Facebook page prior to sharing their photo increasing the “Likes” to your business page.

Showcase Corporate Branding

 Our service will provide full custom branding on all images captured.

Custom Survey

 Designed for user interaction with custom surveys. Our system can navigate the user directly to the custom survey prior to loading the image on social media or printing.

Media Walls & Green Screen

Choose one of our backgrounds or we can create a background exclusively for your own themed event or corporate image.

Video Messages, Animated Gif & Slow Motion

Enable video messaging so your guests can record toasts or product endorsements.  Snap, snap, snap. We’ll take three pictures to animate, so your special day comes to life. Ever wish you had a slo-mo button when you’re having a great time?

Now, you do.

Photo Filters

Multiple filters ranging from basic Black & White, to various new cutting edge “Instagram like” filters.

Custom Digital Frame

We will create a digital frame exclusively for your event to match your theme and image.

Print Your Images

Keep the memories going with convenient print options.

Selfie Events connects your brand, event or wedding with an experience that will be remembered long after your event concludes.

With our consultative approach we tailor the experience to you!  We consider your business objectives, corporate image or your weddings theme! 

Our proprietary 'open photo booth' and our WanderSelfie experiences provide enjoyment for guests and multiple opportunities for social sharing.

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